Heading Home to Tennessee

October 10, 2010 For Chris Baer of IEARN this is the One Day in the Life project from Nawaraj Baskota and Chris Hockert

Today I woke up at 5:00AM before the roosters again. We planned to have a quick breakfast and off to school for our trip to another holy Hindu Temple.  It is called Dakshinkali.

The temple was up in the mountains near a Buddhist Monastery. The ride up was very scenic and the weather was cooler in the morning but you could see the smog over Kathmandu Valley. When we arrived at the temple around 7:30A.M. there was already a long line of the devoted to get a blessing at the temple. Several of us didn’t go into this line and went to gain a cultural understanding of the event. It was very interesting.  I regrettably asked about what events were taking place at one of the small open buildings only to find out that it was where the animals sacrificed as offerings were dressed out!

Pram, Rizen, and Dipek went for the blessing. We watched them throughout the processional. Nawaraj was like Al for the day and he figured out that this was a good place for “girl watching”. There were many pretty devoted ladies taking part in the ceremony.

After the temple visit we went to the home of the director of Kavya School. It turned out that his son was in the first class I visited and Kavya. this was a first grade class and his son is so cute and he asked very good questions. In first grade the students are taught Nepali and English together. They are truly bi-lingual or at least multi-lingual in Nepal.

The afternoon was spent with Nawaraj and his family. (Bishnu, Aanav, & Taabeen) We went to the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar (one of the World Heritage Sites) Museum in Kathmandu. It provides a history of the Nepali Kingdoms in the past and information as well as artifacts and news clippings about their most recent kings.

It is in an old wooden building of nine stories. Of course you know we had to climb all nine flights of wooden steps with only one railing. Once we got to the top you had a great panoramic view of Kathmandu and it was cooler up there. This is the site where the Kings of the past lived.

Just for information the entry cost was 250 Nepali rupees for me(foreigner) and 10 rupees each for Nawaraj and Bishnu and 5 rupees each for Aanav and Taabeen. Remember $1.00 =70 Nepali rupees.

Foreigners pay more money to visit Historic and Cultural places in Nepal.

After the museum we went to get a bite to eat. I had a great cheese and tomato with pineapple thin crust pizza. IT WAS GREAT! Everyone else had chicken Moa Moa which is like a dumpling stuffed with vegetables and chicken. It is also a little spicy. The adults had tea and the whole meal was around 945 rupees. Figure it out it was less than $15. for five people.

We went “window” shopping through the area as tomorrow is my big shopping day with Nawaraj and Sunil.

Transportation for the museum and shopping trip included a walk to the bus/taxi stop. We rode a local bus which was very crowded and we had to stand most of the way. Our return trip was a local 3-wheeled converted 1920′s vintage delivery truck acting as a taxi. It can stuff in around 18-20 people with some hanging on out the back. I sat near the driver and could see the road surface! If you are tall forget it you will not fit and if you did squeeze in you would definitely bump your head on the roof. The trick is when you wish to get off, that is of course if you can see enough to figure out where you are, to bang on the ceiling to tell the driver and handler to stop the “machine” so you can squeeze you way out without stepping on too many toes or banging your head. I did both by the way! The cost is about 10rupees per person.

We had a nice evening chatting and reflecting about my almost four week stay. It seems like only yesterday I arrived. The dust from our trek to the mountain has caused an allergic reaction and my asthma has kicked in with a vengeance. I have had to take my emergency supply of Prednisone to get me through the next couple of days and the flight home. I have been using my inhaler about 3-4 times   a day to help with the breathing.

That’s all for tonight I’ll try to do another posting before I leave. I will not have any computer access until I arrive home and have slept for about 24 hours in my air-conditioned room and with my purifier running. I can’t wait to do this and of course see my husband Al who has been a real sport through this adventure.

He has learned how to use Skype and email plus phone calls through Magic Jack. Eventually we will get him into the 21st century.

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